Dying Light

My first Dying Light co-op multiplayer experience

So guys, this was my first Dying Light co-op multiplayer experience. I was playing with another portuguese buddy, Gabizi, so you’ll notice that I talk a little portuguese here and there.

I actually bought this game because a friend of mine kept telling me this was one game we would have lots of fun playing multiplayer. And nowadays, that’s what I search in a good game: the hability to play it with friends in co-op mode. Dying Light does indeed give you that but it also makes you play a long intro alone so you can learn a little tutorial and have a proper introduction to the story…

Can’t actually tell you that I loved this game. Found it a little boring at times.
Maybe the main problem is that although you may follow the story and do all that the main characters request of you, sometimes you fail to realize that you need to go into a certain spot so you can trigger an event that will give you the follow-up story or animation that you need in order to proceed. And until you find it you are pretty much just stuck in the same place. For instance, there was a part in the video that revolved around a crate in a construction site. You can check it out here. I struggled to know that I had to get on top of a crate where my character would suddenly get seizures so the story would then evolve. I actually wandered around for quite a while before my friend explained that to me…

Another thing that quite annoyed me was the fact that some zombies aren’t meant to be killed. While you do manage to kill pretty much most of the zombies throughout the level there are houses and places where they are supposed to be so you can’t actually kill them. So
until I actually figured that out I was just going crazy on a couple of zombies inside a house. And they just kept coming back for more… I was going completely looney tunes! Seriously! You can check one of those particular moments here.

I haven’t played it since, although I do plan on getting back to it someday.  After all, I did buy the game so I intend to play it more one day.
The graphics are nice. There’s a zombie apocalypse ambience that feels quite nice and scary at times.

If you like zombie games, this one is worth checking out.

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