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How Rapid Fire has ruined Uncharted 4

If you’re not new to the Uncharted world (or any other shooter game, by the way), you’ve probably already heard of Rapid Fire.

You may not even be familiar with the term but I’m quite sure by now you’ve already had the displeasure of meeting a player in the game who you just couldn’t beat in a face off , no matter if you had the better weapon, if you started shooting first or even if you were in clear advantage of defeating him.

But not everyone uses rapid fire. Some players are just better skilled than you and can out clever you in a match. Rapid Fire players are usually detected by the following patterns: they usually have the highest rate of fire (which causes more damage in fewer time), move at a higher speed (moving sideways, jumping, running, etc) and can run away from you so fast that you’ll think that you are in a Speedy Gonzalez cartoon. Rapid Fire controllers may differ in specifications but most of them can give you the ability to get headshots in the most impossible situations thanks to the use of aimbot ( “auto-aim” or “aim assist”) and with some elaborate hacks it may even enable you the use of lag switch (stopping your internet connection for a few seconds so you can actually cheat your way into victory).

Most of these players (if we can call them that) are easy to spot on. They usually have Hardcore and Hard Rank Survival labels and love to show off Master ranked earned prizes (Hats, face masks, etc). Most of them wouldn’t win a single game without a modded controller but yet they easily like to brag and dance at every kill like they are top-notch players. They aren’t.

Rapid Fire is cheating.

And No… it doesn’t enhance your skills as a player. If anything it only shows the world that you are a bad loser. Knowing that you have the upper hand, and that your opponent will never have a fair fight against you is cheating your way into victory.

Anyone that feels the need to resource to rapid fire as a means to winning a game is basically saying that they can’t win you in a fair match. They’ll only beat you through cheating…

I’ve actually came around some of these “clever” folks who actually started games with regular controllers just to switch them up when they started losing badly.

Naughty Dog clearly condemns the use of rapid fire controllers, urging players to report on cheaters. Yet, they don’t allow players to do it inside the game. Instead they ask players to go into their website and provide video proof which sadly discourages players from actually losing their time to do it… Fortnite for example, has an in-game report system which actually leads to gamers being banned on a daily basis. Uncharted 3 had a report system, but I can only guess Naughty Dog came to the conclusion that they were overwhelmed with reports, thus by removing that option from Uncharted 4…

Nowadays, searching for a fair game in the Uncharted 4 multiplayer system is like playing Russian roulette. You never know if you’ll get decent gamers out there, or more of those rapid fire hillbillies –  trigger happy idiots who will just make you lose your time and get on your nerves.

For example, just check out this NessDone dude at the next video at 24m7s. The way he moves, and the way he shoots…

Or worst, check out these dudes in oficial tournament games!

Facing these rapid fire controller dummies in official tournaments  and finding them to be highly ranked in the uncharted charts  only tells us how much this game is being neglected, how much the multiplayer should be cared about and instead it’s completely trashed.

For those who see my streams, it’s easy to spot them. Contrarily to most players I don’t edit my streams. Whether I have good games or bad games I keep them all in my youtube channel! And on a daily basis you can get a glance of these wannabes, coming to ruin our games and destroy the Uncharted 4 multiplayer.

To all the gamers out there, who still try to play this game without any modded controllers or hacks, you are the core of the multiplayer experience. True players that should never have to deal with this trash.

I still have high hopes that Naughty Dog may someday take some action to revert this situation. And that the good players may keep on playing this game. Until then, we just have to wish that we can hold on to this game long enough to actually see that happening…

Will we?

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  1. SAULO V CARVALHO - December 1, 2018 at 12:15 am Reply

    It’s so bloody annoying playing against these guys. I normally leave the match and try another one, wish we had the option to, at least, avoid these players once we come across them. Like overwatch gives you the option to avoid these assholes.

    It’s a shame, the uncharted multiplayer is awesome and I used to play it daily, but as you mentioned, Naughty Dog has neglected this game lately. Not even the uncharted tv is being updated, so guess we are all left to our devices here. Much rather something I don’t have to stress about nodded controllers, such as overwatch.

    Glad I found this article – almost a year later, still very accurate though – helped me channel my frustration as I just closed the application fuming with rage lol.


  2. NICO REZENDE - May 20, 2019 at 4:07 pm Reply

    Eu asim como voce fiquei bravo com os turbos,depois percebi que não adinata passar raiva comprei um turbo tambem.E te digo eu matava mais sem turbo,o controle turbo torna os tiros sem precisão e travam as armas direto.eu acho que deveriam banir os hackers,pois isto sim atrapalha o jogo.

  3. Anderson de Souza - May 25, 2019 at 1:00 pm Reply

    It really is a pity, I knew there was some way, the guys kill 20 and die 1, even if you’re very good, that’s practically impossible. But now I’m going to spend less anger, and gradually a great multiplayer, is running out. It’s a shame. Greetings from Brazil

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